Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation

Di-Roll 1600 + Mini Roll

Set of two devices: Di-roll and Mini-roll. Perfectly works together. Makes rewinding works fast and easy.

A mechanical manual device with an electronic length counter for unwinding rolls of films up to 1600 mm wide 

Discreteness of counter is 1 cm.

Suitable for film rolls up to 1550 mm wide, ⌀ up to 250 mm, up to 30 kg weight

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  • Soft rubber and grippy tread. 
  • Does not damage or slip.
  • The discreteness of the counter is 1 cm. 
  • Measuring length is 999 meters.
  • Accuracy and reliability of the counter.
  • Rigid guide for the knife along the entire width of the roll. Reliable cutting line. Always.
  • Protective visor and soft frame supports. Table protection. Stability.
  • More efficient work.
  • Polymer-coated shafts and stiffener. Everything for heavy rolls.
  • Industrial bearings and duralumin shafts.
  • Does not creak, does not bend.
  • Bright dial, optimal segment size. Convenience in work.
  • Various options on request.